More’s Utopia/Books/ relevant theory v’s my arguments..

Ordered…  Thomas More’s Utopia. Utopian Literature (Cliffs Notes) (Paperback) by Harold Martin Priest.

I now probably have enough relevant literature to take me through into the next academic year!?

Feel I should run somewhat with what I have now, and certainly have enough to be reading/ too much really, though better than not enough. As previously I will edit and extract info only from relevant chapters of all upcoming books to be delivered.

Especially with these particular txts to come, all based on utopian philosophy and utopian art, I can spend some serious time relating existing theory’s to my own viewpoints. I wish also to include in such arguments, literature from alternative sources that substantiate the slant of my argument. That my view is, perceptions are to be altered should we ever hope to aim towards any serious attempt at utopian visions.

I feel this required shift in perception ultimately involves the sciences, Quantum Physics, social sciences included. The psychotherapeutic professions, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy etc. Ref (The Myth of Mental Illness by Thomas S Szasz). The shift also is required at root level, within education and within how artists and designers educate via their product.

Re evaluation of the core values and belief systems that are based so very literally on the physical world, night, day, sun, moon, happy, scared and so on and so forth. The delusional trappings of westernized perspective, “I think, therefore, I am”…

The very trappings Buddhist Monks have been preaching will devour us if we are not wise. The very trappings that make so very many people of our contemporary society’s, scared, elated, depressed, ecstatic, anxious and down right confused!.

The answers to our futures do not solely lie within the promise of economic upturns, the likes held back by Olympic Hosting’s,  hopelessly beyond the countries capital, and therefore moral means?

Our futures lie equally within the promises held by economic, even social downturns. Amidst life’s seasons, the stripping of the senses lavish, back to animal instinct basics, raw creativity, ingenuity, fueled by complete desperation where by necessity is the mother of invention, and serious invention the true key to fulfillment.

Cliff’s Notes (Cliff Hillegass) on More’s Utopia:

Excerpt from ‘The Utopian Theme’ page 10;

“It is a fundamental disposition of humankind to concoct imaginary utopias, although their names for such places may differ. The word utopia, which has become the familiar designation for such states, was More’s creation. It is inevitable that people, recognizing the manifold stupidities, corruptions, and inequities current in their society, should attempt to devise a better system for people living together”.

I argue, to simply have an awareness their are choices in personal freedoms, would very much suffice.

“In several of Shakespeare’s comedies the escape from the city and the court into “the green world” is described in appealing terms. The Duke Senior in As You Like It contasts his life of exile in the forest of Arden with the ways of the court in these terms”;

“Now my co-mates and brothers in exile,

Hath not old custom made this life more sweet

Than that of painted pomp? Are not these woods

More free from peril than the envious court?

Here feel we not the penalty of Adam,

The seasons’ difference, as the icy fang

And the curlish chiding of the winter’s wind,

Which, when it bites and blows upon my body,

Even till I shrink with cold, I smile and say,

‘This is no flattery; these are councellors

That feelingly persuade me what I am’.

Sweet are the uses of adversity,

Which, like the toad, ugly and venemous,

Wears yet a precious jewel in his head;

And this our life exempt from public haunt

Finds tongues in trees, books in running brooks,

Sermons in stones and good in everything”.

I am liking this.. the passage refering to nature’s council in particular. Nature is the great teacher, yet in this age of technological meltdown, how many of us truly take time to listen to her ways?


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