How to preserve pig hide….

Once you skin it , scape off as much fat as you can. Cover the inside with “Kosher” salt or another salt without added chemicals. Wrap the skin on its self and let the salt draw off some of the liquid still in the skin. Scrape it and if the skin is quite clean of fat, decide if you want the skin hard or soft?
If you are content with a hard skin, roll it in “Borax and then stretch it out on a board the way they do in those cowboy movies. If you would rather have it soft and pliable, Look in a man’s magazine under taxidermy supplies. They will have several tanning solutions. I use a creme from Reinhart’s in Wis. When you last cleaned the skin and boraxed it put it several layers of newspaper in a freezer bag and freeze. When the tanning cream arrives thaw out the skin and rub it down with the tanning cream. It may take several applications. The skin may tighten up and get somewhat rigid. To soften it up just pull it back and forth over the edge of a table or the back of a chair. it will soften up as the fibers break down.

I use Reinhart’s because its a snap to call up Wis and get a real human right away. Even the packers know a lot of answers to the questions. Quite often you get the Dad who runs the place or his son who is also quite versed. It’s easy, it’s pretty economical and it’s fun. You get quite a sense of accomplishment when you show off a beautifully tanned pelt too.


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  1. I’m looking to achieve rinkled skin paneling for furniture… Need to over salt it I think!

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