Centre of Contemporary Art Malaga

Some images from my recent and decent visit to Centre for Contemporary Art in Malaga Spain. Here are some examples, that I liked for varying reasons, and which I thought could potentially sit nicely in the the Gallery of the Art of Utopia..

In one piece there is a set of chairs and a table: entitled ‘reflective table and thoughtful chairs. Simply, the table was made of material printed to look like foil. The chairs similarly to reed like news papers. A blatant way of having furniture do ‘another job’ other than what it is meant…  Simple if a little crude, yet very much on the wave length Im surfin the now. Indeed, before I came across this work I have been looking at odd uses of materials for furniture, that speak of certain issues, and of the direct use of text in furniture.. re the acid etching I have been working on posted a while back..
I loved the pink piece which was made of bath towel: and you dont expect to find bath towel in gallery’s let alone a little bath towel person! so that wins..  The two disintegrating figures are posted here, not for there Utopian merit as I see it that is, but for their reference to having inspired a great thought on a visual level…  I just loved the way the heads were ‘fading’. I thought yes fading i can deal with, sun bleaching, obscuring-frosting, rusting away etc .. this one painting crystalized a whole area of materials research i was working on along the theme of impermanence..  As a new addition, I now have a lovely piece of beige/gold material- covered with a lazer cut text stencil- basking in what sunlight Hull can offer up, in the hope I achieve sun bleached letters on my fabric…

… The cultural news paper machine… ace, and a refreshing sight indeed..  The extra ordinary in the every day, indeed the Art of Utopia, in the sense I am aiming to highlight that is..


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