No Thing…

Having been asked to substantiate my reasonings behind using such references as ‘spiritual’…

Jill Howitt’s Session at HSAD tonight repeatedley raised issues relating to phonomenology…

In essence, to neither accept, nor reject.

The very reasoning I am aiming at within my production.



Spiritual endeavour…. Not to go to church, to make for a better life.. To disregard the word better alltogether in fact?…

To allow birds, and dogs and cats (including people!) etc, to sit on, and interact with works of public art, without even a mocking question. Indeed.

Some of the things that ‘suposedly wise’ Buddhists have been contemplating for centuries..


Jill Howitt’s sessions have proved pivotal for me in cementing one sizable area of my research. The concept of emptiness, and how to put this into design practice to create objects that are useful to spiritual evolution.

In the interview with Dominic Wilson linked below, we can explore this theory a little.


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  1. Why?, Because I believe design is not just about material craft, but also very much, and fundamentally, the walk we talk that leads us to such craft… NLP!… Mental programming, even de programming so to arrive at clearer construct and thus, better! ?.

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