SOS Design Forum

Have just set this up on Face Book, with a lot of trouble that is!

Its up and running all the same though currently FB does not appear to be working properly in this department? as i cannot upload any info about what SOS Design Forum is…

So, its a place, aside from everything else, where artists and designers can engage in debate regarding the arts and philosophy.

We are looking to hear your views on general art and design practice whether it’s your own practice or not..

What is your role as an arts practitioner?

Are there questions you require help with, would like to share or need answers to?..

Why do we put energy into artistic pursuit? Is it justified, are your reasons valid?..

What’ the best thing you have seen this year and why?

This and more, ongoing, as possibly we search for The Art Of Utopia..

Please visit the page a kick start some discussion, and please do share with everyone you think may be interested.

Thank you


About generalmagnetic

Designer Maker / Technician 3D Design - Architecture
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