New Born..

A recent conversation had with a friend provided some very useful information..

It started out with a kids toy, Grace’s.. a six month year old baby girl.

Andrea and myself discussed the wooden toy, that it cost next to nothing. Provided an array of entertainment both simple and slightly more advanced of which both the adult, and child could engage.

In fact, engagement was the very essence of the toy. Within its multi facades lay the potential for child and gaurdian to learn- together, grow, share, laugh, bond etc.. All the very things that develop both child and adult into capable human beings, prepared for life.

I explained to Andrea, this was the very kind of art I am developing currently. And for all such very reasons. So everybody that comes into contact with such artwork is required to be a part of its intention and its usefulness from the curators and invigilators themselves to the general public and so on. I have previously developed ideas whereby even the artist themselves are at the very centre of the works function- where theatre meets art, in short.  . A longer term project currently copy written, as all works, and awaiting further research time.

This conversation with Andrea is key to how my MA Theory will be embedded into my Practice in Context..

Thank you Andrea and Grace x


About generalmagnetic

Designer Maker / Technician 3D Design - Architecture
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