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TBC:TV Culminating Project Summary.

Having rounded up on designs and Week 53 now being sky rocketed into the future, it’s a wind down with summary text. For now…


Presentation Pod. A demountable rotunda structure with rotating floors and walls. Intended as the central delivery platform for all live TBC curation.


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Sound Control Pod. Demountable soundproofed live mix edit suite.


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Prep Pod. Light weight demountable canopy structure.


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Impa Pod.. Demountable structure for TV Broadcasting/ AV installations.


Material specifications:

There are specific reasoning’s behind the design and construction methods of these live event structures. All of which are essentially based on a DIY & transportable concept.

From aesthetic to selected material finishes. Some reasoning’s as to these considerations may present as obvious, whereas others may require further intuition, being possibly more than the sum total of there parts.

I feel it is inevitable these structures openly interact with each individual as with each individual the structure, allowing an open dialogue between the observer and the observed.

As set designer, it would be my final appraisal as to the overall success of the effectivness of the designs, given the resultant Week 53 TBC production. Now re-scheduled for 2022. My underlying intention being that, said open interaction & dialogue traverse the entire installation, whether in seemless harmony or indeed, equally, otherwise.

Indeed for the structures to be efficient in construction and utilitarian terms and ideally have impact in their design.

And yet of course, TBC’s Director & Curator will be the ultimate instigator…


With a special thanks to MA Barnes Wynters for commissioning this work, Micheal Simpson Director of Visual Arts at the Lowry, and to Bill Foley for his technical assistance in all things CAD realisation.

A pleasure, anon…


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Additional recent designs for Michael Anthony Barnes Wynters, Take Back Control – Week 53 – The Lowry Manchester.

Prep & Presentation Pod.

Pod 3e

Pod 3a

Maya Renders, collaborative design work, courtesy of Bill Foley Design.

Transforming daily…

Final POD 4 Designs and project summary to follow..

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Take Back Control

Recent designs for Michael Anthony Barnes Wynters, Take Back Control – Week 53 – The Lowry Manchester.

With influences originating as far back as 1970’s TV Party, including the likes of Penny Rimbaud (Crass) among many others, MABW curates and directs the TBC.TV concept for Lowry’s Week 53 Biennial Festival.


As collaborative, MABW and GM Design Build associated to formulate modular set designs with a DIY ethic, translating elements of the original mODPOD concept as incorporated.

With additional technical assistance and provision from Bill Foley Design, the Modular Labset Designs were concieved of.

P&P Pod1


Further Labset designs and overall specifications will be presented here in due course.


…Hope you enjoy the inspirational and informative links.

mODPOD feature: https://wordpress.com/post/generalmagnetic.wordpress.com/1657




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Transformations Cont

Following on the successes of the word transformation project, herein is a momentary glimpse into progress.

A newly formed association with The Hotbed Press Salford has enabled me to set up some of the works for screen print.

The works will now be processed in varying ways to finished limited edition prints.

In addition to this, one of the works will be incorporated into a stained glass work. A new skill currently being added to the cannon.


Stained glass skills in development:


And the word transformation design currently being translated into glass..

And also a logo…


I will add some theoretical considerations from these recent phases of the project, along with image updates as the glass and logo continue to progress.

Stay tuned…

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Fringe Arts Bath 2019 – SOS Sculpture Entry

Recent tales from the GMDB Vaults – Sculpture Entry FAB 2019. fringeartsbath. Scaled copper replica Systems of Survival Box with internal Anatomical/3d Phone Sculpture, Beech, Spalted Conker, Suede Presentation Box with SOS Capsule ID Pendant handle. gmdesignbuild.co.uk


  • For all sales info on bespoke work contact me at phil@generalmagnetic.co.uk
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Proving Place. Images & notes on Transformations Project.

At this stage the ongoing Transformations project has traversed the interactions of collaboration with 3D Artist Bill Foley – Hull UK.

With CAD expertise Bill has been assisting, both with my direction and his own ingenuity and imagination, towards transforming the original drawings. 2D to 3D.

Below is an over view gallery of our findings, examples of word derived design. Negative to positive.


  1. A selection of some of the last of the original lineage of drawing developments, before the Transformations Project was taken through to it’s digital progression.



2. A selection of the best initial results from digitisation and three dimensionalisation of 2D drawings.


3. Subsequent drawings from the back to the drawing board phase of continuous transference. From digital to hand drawn and back again.

Digital processing being limited to the subtle nuances enabled by the hand drawn process which allows for greater sophistication of line quality, accurate dictation of imagined metamorphosis. Under Foley’s influence, the digital being the unpredictable and somewhat more radical transformer, projecting form into uncharted and unexpected territory.


4. Results from entering digital processes once more. The designs beginning to take on forms far removed from the original wording of each piece, now indeterminable and partially irrelevant in contrast to the excitement in transformation and progression.

Wonder (and play) took over from the origin of meaning within each work. This meaning became history as new forms and meanings took shape. A certain catharsis in metamorphosis. A particular transcendence.

The energising derision from experimentation and play bringing about a passion for each moment unfolding. An extension and acknowledgement of a personal location. Nowness in place. Empowerment, as architects of personal universe…


5. Once again back to the drawing board to further transform and refine specific aspects of the digital transformations. Note image 2 is derived from a radical transforming of one of the early line drawings. As it is presented here, the desired raw format has been extracted and quickly re worked by hand to form the basis for further digital investigation.

This is the furthest advanced piece to date. How it will further transform should prove interesting testament to the potential within this conceptual project.

Images 1 & 3 highlight the process of removing select components of the digital and replacing them with hand drawn reworkings of said components. The interplay and contrast of line quality I found particularly pleasing, highlighting the subtle nuances and delicacy of the hand drawn. Highlighting fragments of the origins of the project.


These designs will continue on into a series of final screen prints in association with Hotbed Press Salford. Further designs and prints will be posted here as they unfold.



Ou Topos. No Where – Now Here. Summarising in prose:


What Is Place.

Throughout process predominant singularity,

Objects strewn, fallen by waysides.

Resemblances, shadows, remnants inhuman.


In addition, premonition, tangible coloration.

Form from ashen historic ties, severed.

Structure in constructing deconstruction.

Finding in loss.

Alliance gained in self in other and the trusting in nature..







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Placement – Re-Imagining Reality & The Power of Craft


What is Place?

Let us firstly start with how it is we locate ourselves:

I, Me, My and the illusion of self as one dimensional reality.


noun: location; plural noun: locations
  1. 1.
    a particular place or position.
    “the property is set in a convenient location”
    synonyms: positionplacesituationsitelocalitylocalespotwhereaboutspointplacement;More

    • an actual place or natural setting in which a film or broadcast is made, as distinct from a simulation in a studio.
      “the movie was filmed entirely on location
    • the action of locating someone or something.
      “the location of new housing beyond the existing built-up areas”
    • a position or address in computer memory.

      Additional Entries/ Alternative Synonyms:


    • Being – Entity. Spirituality.
    • Identity. Individuality.
    • Integrity.
    • Love – Soul.
    • Ethic.
    • Imaginarium.




noun: place; plural noun: places; noun: Place
  1. 1.
    a particular position, point, or area in space; a location.
    “I can’t be in two places at once”
    synonyms: locationsitespotscenesettingpositionpointsituationarearegionwhereaboutslocaleMore

    • a particular area on a larger surface.
      “he lashed out and cut the policeman’s hand in three places”
    • a building or area used for a specified purpose or activity.
      “the town has many excellent eating places”
      a person’s home.
      “what about dinner at my place?”
      synonyms: homehouseflatapartment, a roof over one’s head; More

    • a point in a book or other text reached by a reader at a particular time.
      “I must have lost my place in the script”
  2. 2.
    a portion of space designated or available for or being used by someone.
    “they hurried to their places at the table”
    synonyms: seatchairpositionspace

    “a place was reserved for her in the front row”
    • a vacancy or available position.
      “he was offered a place at Liverpool University”
      synonyms: jobday jobpositionpostappointmentsituationofficeMore

    • the regular or proper position of something.
      “she put the book back in its place”
    • a person’s rank or status.
      “occupation structures a person’s place in society”
      synonyms: statuspositionstationstandinggraderankfootingniche;

      “I know my place”
    • a right or privilege resulting from someone’s role or position.
      “I’m sure she has a story to tell, but it’s not my place to ask”
      synonyms: responsibilitydutyjobtaskrolefunctionpartconcernaffairmissioncharge;More

    • the role played by or importance attached to someone or something in a particular context.
      “the place of computers in improving office efficiency”
  3. 3.
    a position in a sequence or series, typically one ordered on the basis of merit.
    “his score left him in ninth place”
  4. 4.
    a square or short street.
    “the lecture theatre is in New Burlington Place”
verb: place; 3rd person present: places; past tense: placed; past participle: placed; gerund or present participle: placing
  1. 1.
    put in a particular position.
    “a newspaper had been placed beside my plate”
    synonyms: put down, putset, set down, lay down, depositpositionplantreststandsitsettlestationsituateleavestowpropleanMore

    • cause to be in a particular situation.
      “enemy officers were placed under arrest”
    • allocate or assign (an abstract quality) to something.
      “they place a great deal of emphasis on positive thought”
      synonyms: putlaysetpininvest

      “I would never betray the trust you placed in me”
    • have a specified degree of advantage or convenience as a result of one’s position or circumstances.
      “the company is well placed to seize the opportunity”
  2. 2.
    find a home or employment for.
    “the children were placed with foster-parents”
    synonyms: find employment for, find a job for; More

    • dispose of (something, especially shares) by selling to a customer.
      “the shares were placed last November”
    • arrange for the recognition and implementation of (an order, bet, etc.).
      “they placed a contract for three boats”
    • order or obtain a connection for (a telephone call) through an operator.
      “she placed a call to her husband to break the news”
  3. 3.
    identify or classify as being of a specified type or as holding a specified position in a sequence or hierarchy.
    “a survey placed the company 13th for achievement”
    synonyms: rankorder, put in order, gradegrouparrangesortclassclassifycategorize;More

Additional Entries/ Alternative Synonyms:

  • Attendance – concentration – mindfulness.
  • Non place. Ou Topos.
  • Imaginarium.
  • Heart – Home – Belonging.
  • Spiritual core.
  • Hope.
  • Happiness – Belonging.
  • Sacred.
  • Solitude.
  • Sanctuary.
  • Thought – Mentality – Mind.
  • Recognition/ Non Recognition.



WHO WE CAN BECOME: Location/ Place relating to craft and spiritual entity;

Essential reading/ context – arts for health based research:




Dramatic psychological shifts. Trauma, Loss, Injury, Illness etc:

Change as necessary catalyst, revelation… The shattering of myths, the breaking of bonds…

In the process of therapy with its usual models to CURE and NORMALISE within the contexts of system and society alone, emphasis on uniqueness and development of individualism is key to true empowerment, well being and recovery.

The process of art can greatly assist in striking ongoing discord with the individual within each and every one of us, honing sensibility. Making for an intimate, personal relationship and friendship, with the true and valid nature of self. The realising of true identity. Location – Place, Meaning.

Place – Valid Invalid…

Art speaks of all such landscapes that lie beyond the confines, beyond everyday perceptions of what is deemed as normal and acceptable. It is pertinent we inquire whether our association with the word normal is, normally reasonable, or possibly irrational, part parcel roots of the estranged?

De – Range, De – Sign, Re Arrange…

Artists may appreciate that an in depth exploration of the avant garde combining shear experimentation amounts to greater understanding of the essence of existence and being. Within such exploratory landscapes concepts of normality can pale into insignificance as greater more expansive realisations begin to unfold. It is possible that the nature of existence can be located at the heart of creative processes.

So amidst the contrived, restrained, oppressed, brainwashed aspects of contemporary culture, how it is we find place…

Uncharted territory. Navigating significantly away from comfort zones can oft enforce a spiritual location. By the very nature of our getting lost we can be found. Through the empowering processes of extracting creativity from such landscapes, self realisation/ actualisation true location and place can be determined.



Further related notes from personal research based creative practice, continued in up coming blog: Proving Place – Notes and gallery of images on the word transformation project & process. Loose critical analysis.


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