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Breaking The Rules. Play is the sincerest form of creativity..

Practice in context..

Humber Street Gallery 2017



A timely exhibition summer gone 2017 while I had been writing and working on the theme of play within art and life. Serendipity indeed, synchronicity even.

Refreshing to come across a somewhat utilitarian exhibition of quirky works with a message relevant to an overly dominant digital age.

An obvious outstanding exhibitor was the company States of Play with their Bafta winning game Lumino City made predominantly by hand… Venture into the links to find out if the game keeps you wired only to the confines of digital realms…..


Another certain forerunner was Luminaries by Glithero. A compelling interplay of real and illusory making the viewer look and think twice about the fractured reality before them…



What at first appeared real transpired to be a reflection of what one realised upon drawing nearer was an object hiding in a box below, tricking our senses over what we had previously believed..

An exemplary momentary glance at the fracture of perception omnipresent in our day to day dealings as we look, often without seeing.

Displacement as placement. Nowness.

Here – No where – Now Here.


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Responsibility within Education.

Continued from: Mindfulness; Deconstruction being the purest form of construction.

Responsibility within education, governing establishments, media, advertising…

Being careful what one wishes for could be said to amount to being careful what one associates with. Be it as important as the schooling chosen for our children, the time taken to retrieve the child within the adult to the seemingly irrelevant yet important significance of the single glazed abode lacking in central heating.

Contemporary living finds us ever wrapped in cotton wool, balancing our diets, obsessively concerning over our health, seemingly aiming at conscienscious levels of consumption in general terms, all searching for the inner stature in liberty. But are we truly conscienscious in our responsibility thus. Do we have any understanding of our trajectory, or have we lost sight of what constitutes a balance in our lives that will contribute to our personal freedoms…

Could we hope to look for resurgence in Brutalist ethics, as paradoxical means of stabilising our vigilant balancing acts from being actually way off balance to begin with? Is it designs responsibility to break this situation down, to deconstruct, or does it in fact already indirectly achieve this by way of illusion?

Of what relevance is this specific subject, its bearing?

Is it sufficient to understand or furthermore celebrate, as design does its own thing, as we meld and attempt to adapt accordingly…

Sticking plasters, ‘over’ fantastic matters..


Mattering in fact to the fantastical;

Yet where to be found. Found in the fall, in the fires, in the streets still yet to be discovered unnoticed or forgotten as irrelevant, stark, dilapidated, cold and brutal.

Is what constitutes relevance a series of concepts contemporary society, at large, appears to have impressed upon itself via a certain common dictatorship. We don’t really suck to believe we are doing the right thing, because outwardly it might look that way, even though inwardly we have a niggling sense of ill ease. We are simply happy to passively consume while ignoring being massively consumed. Ignoring every time to dispute the Emperor’s new clothes, resurgence of ethics we have all but shunned long since, yet fail to recognise in their altered guise. True catalyst to clarity as prompted by revolt.

This could merely be slingshot query, relevant, yet what it means to be relevant, in a world relative. Subjective.

Upon whom is the onus of concern over such things and where does the responsibility really lie?

http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06r5gp8  ‘Must the Arts be Relevant’ ?


Does design dictate the way individuals within societies live their lives, love their kin, or do we dictate to design? Both, agreeably, yet to a higher degree the former.

Less we are to be mistaken, blinded in our shining consumerism, then holism in this sense, would amount to a society having a responsibility towards the concept of de signing, re-educating.

Considering of course;

Deconstruction is possibly the purest form of construction…



312211920518 B derivative final draught before final phase.

To follow; Input v’s Output. Into existence.


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Mindfulness, Deconstruction, being the purest form of construction.

To follow, notes on Mindfulness with additional insight into recent designs…

Deconstruction, being the purest form of construction.


Mindfulness – Instinct – Objective.

Practice – Transcendence .

Transformation of negative words leading to release of negative emotional association. Arriving at pleasing surprise results. Leading to the self lead inquiry, deconstruction is the purest form of construction?

Relinquishing of care, in the fashion of serendipity, amounting to innovation.

Art as therapeutic process:

NLP – Positive focus, transforming the negative state via mindfulness, redirection of association. Once positive results ensue the process becomes addictive, joyous. Retraining the cognitive processes to be greater in flexibility, versatile, bent toward positive, pure intention. As with Zen, this artistic and also artless process bears relation in that it aims not only to break down negative cycles while externalising positive strands of the physically creative elements of the process, in this case drawing. Unlearning…….. Hence, deconstruction is the purest form of construction, as inquiry …….


Play is the sincerest form of creativity….. 


Within this creative process, soon distracted, forgetting about negative elements originally associated with conventional starting points a certain transcendence of habit forming conceptualisation can occur.

The Art of Serendipity, accidentally and also purposely finding beauty within, via exploration/ play. Embracing the negative, working with the act of transforming the specific object into a generalised process aimed towards love, compassion, forgiveness, understanding. Peaceful meditations combined with cathartic mark making, utilising the medium to exercise emotions and feelings, externalising. In direct relation to the pen – output, to inner states , one can actively steer into control, relinquish, abandon, play, explore in meditative process, focused in the moment. Mindfulness.

The power to understand, to believe, anything can happen under the pen, given the right climate, something extra ordinary… as one pushes forward motion, propulsion the key.


Transforming negative words, negative experiences, associating with positive focal points.. Bringing a thing into existence, a state, a stance of love, allowing for further love to infiltrate, to thus as result find oneself receptive to love.

Projecting negatives into the abstract and forward, into flourishing positives.

Allowing life, possibility. Enable over disable.

New Utopian Dictionary entry ( for future re edit ):

‘Disabled’ : Bodily/ Mental incapacity..

adjective: disabled
  1. (of a person) having a physical or mental condition that limits their movements, senses, or activities.
    “facilities for disabled people”
    synonyms: having a disability, wheelchair-using, paralysedMore
    antonyms: able-bodied
    • relating to or specifically designed for people with a physical or mental disability.
      “disabled access is available at all venues”



Society. Stigma.



One mans/womans trash, another’s treasure.

Mindfulness, opportunity.

Above de-signs: Continued study on negative derivative.

To follow: Responsibility within Education…..


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Transformations Continued…

This gallery contains 3 photos.

Roughing out final draughts, New Utopian Dictionary..

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Meditations on Love

To consider, one single word, it’s significance in Love, in Design, in De-signing..


noun: responsibility
  1. 1.
    the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone.
    “women bear children and take responsibility for childcare”
    synonyms: authority, control, power, leadership, management, influence;

    “we train those staff who show an aptitude for managerial responsibility”
  2. 2.
    the state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something.
    “the group has claimed responsibility for a string of murders”
    synonyms: blame, fault, guilt, culpability, blameworthiness, liability

    “the organization denied responsibility for the bomb attack at the airport”
    • a moral obligation to behave correctly towards or in respect of.
      “individuals have a responsibility to control their behaviour”
      synonyms: trustworthiness, level-headedness, rationality, sanity, reason, reasonableness,sense, common sense, stability, maturity, adultness, reliability, dependability,competence

      “teenagers may not be showing enough sense of responsibility to be safely granted privileges”
  3. 3.
    the opportunity or ability to act independently and take decisions without authorization.
    “we expect individuals to take on more responsibility”
    • a thing which one is required to do as part of a job, role, or legal obligation.
      plural noun: responsibilities
      “he will take over the responsibilities of Overseas Director”
      synonyms: duty, task, function, job, role, place, charge, business, onus, burden, liability,accountability, answerability, province;

      “it was his responsibility to find witnesses”



      Unconditional terms. To that of one’s craft, the calculated abandon. Trusting one’s ability in love.

      Love as an attitude, an orientation of character which determines the relatedness of a person to the world as a whole, not, towards the ‘object’ of love.

      Bearing in mind at this juncture, how it is we as human beings, conscious, bring a thing into existence, or indeed how we eliminate thus. Life and death cycles, seasons.

      Considering meditation, disciplined mindfulness, perpetual awareness coupled with sensibility, a well honed bent towards duty of care, an ability to bring about life where otherwise it could not exist. The ability of intention to derive the extra ordinary from the ordinary, pin point accuracy within any given situation at every given moment in time, to nurture and to relinquish from care..

      Sensitively choosing each moments suitable requirements, as the Master, as the Craft.


      Notes on Love..

      Amounting to responsibility. To be responsible, to act accordingly, appropriately.

      The art of crafting akin. The power to hold one’s attention, simultaneously, to both inner and outer object. The power of being entirely in the moment of creation, to the point the creation becomes to one’s will. Navigating via one’s skill base, holistically, responding suitably, or not so at all.

      Life, as one invent’s it to be.


      To follow, notes on Mindfulness with additional insight into recent designs…

      Deconstruction, being the purest form of construction.

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New Utopia’s….


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Drawing from experience…

Visual excerpts from recent creative pursuits, pertaining to the recent links below, regards the general subject matter, unique experience.

Reasoning’s behind Reason’s from Experience.

The Art of Serendipity

Reasons from experience..


Transforming one’s own life experiences, translated via the meditative act of creation (via drawing/ design), a process became unto itself, unto what you see herein. The process became more than the sum of its parts…


It is a worthy consideration, given the literary foundation of these works, that willful intention, towards positive creative aims, mindfulness, coupled with sufficient manual and mental dexterity to ascertain appropriate sensitivity, between control and abandon, can enable the creative practitioner to bring into existence products wholly self satisfying, pleasing. Pleasing by means of a process, bearing tangible manifestations the likes the practitioner has not before seen. Life, realised.

I mean to explain the process of bringing into existence a certain fertile landscape, unique to the individual, their processes, where previously lay barren waste land alone. I mean to explain, the attempt of extracting the extra ordinary from the otherwise ordinary.

How is this achieved?

If such creative processes in designing or de-signing are broken down, via the mindful act of being precisely in each given moment, as it unfolds, akin to the wild animal, ensuring inch perfect its positioning leading to its prey, bearing this in mind is it suffice to say there can be no differentiating between each momentary act of living, as to whether we succeed, fail, or starve our selves of vitality necessary for survival, necessary to give unto life.

Given, we are simply dealing with merely a few sketches here, are we not?

Given, a split second carries not, in death.

What importance does the creative process hold within contemporary societies, what essential skills can be gained from the act of drawing alone. How can becoming familiar with the act of slowing up our response times into the momentary, benefit our health and serve to inform our future well-being.

What bearing do such concerns have on the art of love….


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